Friday, May 12, 2006

I Love Comics!!

"Alas, comics are for youngsters - -- or men struggling to engage with the world around them and emotionally escaping into superhero fantasy!!!" True for some comics, but not all...

One of my recent favorites - "Hey, Wait..." by Jason, is brilliant and beautiful, and a sad portrayal of how the norms of traditional masculinity rob us all, especially men, of coping skills to deal with life's struggle (hence the "escaping into superhero fantasy"). 'Cause with privilege comes a sense of entitlement - and when the world isn't what we want it to be we only know to internalize our pain, and we let it eat away at us. This story is a command - "Hey, Wait...slow down, connect with people, places, community, be vulnerable when you need to be, and live with passion!" Check it out.

Sophie Crumb is also good, and can be found on the same website as Jason. Also, check out our very own Director of Communication's Anti-Rape Man comic strip!

Patrick Lincoln Share

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