Tuesday, November 14, 2006

"The Next Anti-Sexist Rapper" - Lupe Fiasco

A friend recently turned me on to Lupe Fiasco by saying that he was “the next anti-sexist rapper.” And after checking out his music I really respect his lyrics and message, but he also has a good time (allowing us to do the same) and his newest album “Food and Liquor” is quality through out. Here’s a sample of what he has to say on the topic of sexism in hip-hop:

Now I ain't tryna be the greatest
I used to hate hip-hop... yup, because the women degraded
But Too $hort made me laugh, like a hypocrite I played it
A hypocrite I stated, though I only recited half
Omittin the word "bitch," cursin I wouldn't say it
Me and dog couldn't relate, til a bitch I dated
Forgive my favorite word for hers and hers alike
But I learnt it from a song I heard and sorta liked

Listen to the all of “Hurt Me Soul”

Lupe Fiasco, along with Kanye West, has also spoken out against homophobia, and consistently incorporates an honest and self-reflective mood into music that challenges us to work for justice. I think what he’s got to say could fit perfectly into our curriculum working to engage men as allies with women to prevent men’s violence against women. And “Food and Liquor” is damn fun too.

-Patrick Lincoln Share


  1. and anyone that gives jill scott a platform and still shouts out darfur months after it fell out of fashion has my respect:



  2. hey.. i just stumbled upon our blog... was reading up on lupe and what he's all about...

    my buddy shad is opening for lupe, and judging by the name of ur blog.. i think u'll like the lyrics to this track.. hope u enjoy!:


    Out Of Love
    Written by: Shad (www.shadk.com)

    Verse 1 -
    Now I’m supposed to be cool under the collar
    A student of the dollar
    A proven scholar in a school of commerce
    A dude whos smooth and stalwart
    Who’ll never lose his calm or
    Drool and slober like a fool
    And fall for a doll like Julia Roberts
    But still they get to me
    Like destiny’s child don’t drive me wild
    Intellectually, but they fresh to see
    I guess I’m being a misogynist
    And I acknowledge this
    The problem is
    I just don’t see all girls as goddesses
    ‘cause so often of them I think less
    Like Princess, why’s this silly pseudo-pimp
    Pressed against your pink dress?
    When he drinks Ex, does his stink breath impress?
    Cuz he has no genuine interest and he only thinks sex
    Not your heart, soul, or IQ - and why do I know this?
    Oh miss, I try boo but I’m a guy too
    And so I’m qualified to say
    That what a lot of guys display
    Are just some hollow lies devised to get play
    But I wont apologize ‘cause most of ya’ll ain’t slow chicks
    With no wits, so when a pro approaches you should know this
    It’s easy decoding the motives of these horny guys
    You’re roses but the thorns you expose keep me torn inside
    And keep me writing poems devoted to my corny side
    So I’ll probably still be home with my folks when I’m 45
    But… I’m Out of Love …

    Verse 2 -
    So I’m not quick to give props to cute
    Chicks though they’re hot ‘cause dude
    The awful truth is when it comes to love
    They ain’t gots a clue
    Like how does Pretty Woman constitute a romance?
    Some old man that’s got some loot knockin’ boots with a prostitute?!
    So homie don’t be lead astray in any way
    When women say they want a man
    they mean a wallet and a wedding day
    still them girls with extensions in their hair
    and pretentious inner wear
    they leave me all defenseless in their stares
    but they don’t care for my attention
    which is senseless ‘cause I swear
    that there’s no need to mention
    good intentioned men are scarce
    I want a Clare Huxtable …
    I want a Clare Huxtable ya’ll!
    See if I had a Clare Huxtable I’d tell her shyly
    I’m like the letter “q” – no where without ‘u’ beside me
    Now I won’t make this any cheesier
    Maybe I don’t hate ‘cause they’re sleazier
    But simply ‘cause that way it’s easier
    I’m scared to fail so
    Even if the chick has got a halo
    And a fat tail like J. Lo
    I’ll still lay low
    This frail soul has only got his pride to protect him
    So I’ll deny a connection instead of vie for affection
    Plus we find it too soothing to mock the short skirts
    ‘cause that length tends mirror our sense of self-worth
    Sometimes, instead of being free from these confines
    It’s safer to stay disgruntled and just pummel dumb minds
    With punch lines, without discretion or respect to give ‘em
    ‘cause a good offense is the best defense … mechanism
    I’m out of love…

    Verse 3 -
    So I don’t feel like telling ya’ll to
    Throw your hands in the air
    And wave ‘em all around ‘cause I just don’t care
    I’m a sharp jerk who keeps his heart’s hurt
    Buried deep beneath this smart smirk
    And in parts of my darker artwork
    My partner’s out there but we ain’t together still
    So I better build with someone ‘cause I doubt that we ever will
    And if I never feel love at least I’ll never cry
    If only fools fall, guess I’m a pretty clever guy
    For never trying and just voluntarily stayin’ solitaire
    ‘cause in all sincerity who wants to marry me?
    I’m callous and cold and I’ve grown distant
    ‘cause most sistren only talk to me
    when their man won’t listen
    the world’s a stage but not everyone acts right
    at the club I’m seeing more tricks than a half-pipe
    now I’ll never diss a sister or call one a slut whore
    but some honnies is hard-headed like Mt. Rushmore
    I’m sorry I swore I won’t bash
    But if they treat ya like a substitute teacher
    It’s probably ‘cause you got no class
    Now hold fast, every woman’s a queen
    If you’re as lost as I am then you’d know what I mean
    I’m out of love…
    This is out of love … (www.shadk.com)