Wednesday, December 06, 2006

"Conscious Masculinities in Time and Space"

While checking my daily Google news alerts for "masculinity", I came across information on a new book published by Homofactus Press. It's titled "Self-Organizing Men: Conscious Masculinities in Time and Space", edited by Jay Sennett. While I have read only one review, and none of the text, I'm excited about this book. It's looking beyond biology to find how we define ourselves, our bodies, spirit, and gender. Jay Sennett writes from the introduction:

Self–Organizing Men draws its title from the work of Chilean biologists Humberto Maturana and Francisco Varela, who, in 1973, used the term autopoises to describe biological systems. Literally meaning auto self–creation, an affinity for the term grew in me. I felt that the term, self–organizing, described my evolution as a transsexual white man. My “self”—that collection of stories I tell about myself in my mind—shifts and changes with input from all my interactions within my chosen worlds.

Incredibly, the entire book is available for FREE download on the Homofactus website. But if you have the funds, buy the book for yourself, or give it as a gift for the gift-giving season. A portion of the funds will go to the legal defense fund for Ugandan human rights activist Victor Julie Mukasa.

Patrick Lincoln


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