Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Gender Bending But Not Breaking: The Displacement of Objectification in Super Bowl Advertising - From PopPolitics.com

Here's a link to a recent post on PopPolitics.com discussing the gender implications of this year's Super Bowl commercials.

I like that the author makes the point to call out the irony present in many of the commercials (like, let's laugh at over-the-top objectification of women, or really traditionally masculine men) . I read once that irony is the new cynicism - for example, does laughing at the ridiculous homophobia (or sexualization of touch) in the much-discussed Snickers commercial stem from our lack of confidence in challenging this "weapon of sexism?" That is, I'm all for a good joke, but what if everyone's not in on it - especially significant when the joke is told to more than 90 million people at once? SuperBowl commercials always provide us with many potential teaching tools.

-Patrick Lincoln Share

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