Friday, November 20, 2009

Feministing Posts MCSR's Response to "What's the Alternative to Tucker Max?"

Feministing posts an excerpt from "Choosing Healthy Masculinity...and What That Means" our response to  Courtney Martin's "What's the Alternative to Tucker Max?" and "Do Young Men Need A New Kind Of Masculinity?" by Jezebel blogger Anna North.

Martin says:
I got so many amazing emails after publishing my column last week about masculinity and pro-feminist men and plenty of blogs picked up on the analysis and added their own, as well. I wanted to share some of the excerpts here:
From Joe Samalin and Joseph Vess of Men Can Stop Rape:
The thousands of men and boys that we engage every year show us daily what healthy masculinity looks like. It is a group of high school boys volunteering at a local domestic violence shelter, it is straight and cis-gendered college men partnering as allies with LGBTQ student organizations, and it is the enlisted men and officers in the Air Force who come to us for training on how to create safer workplaces. These boys and men are all moving deliberately toward who they want to be.
Putting the support and encouragement of healthy masculinity at the center of what we do has taught us two key things. First, there is no single definition or ideal of healthy masculinity--there are as many definitions as there are men. Second, developing healthy, authentic masculinity is a journey, not a destination.

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