Friday, November 20, 2009

Jezebel Asks "What's Being Taught In College Rape Prevention Programs?"

A post on Jezebel caught our eye - not just because the accompanying image is one of the Strength Mediaworks posters we created for CALCASA - but because of its focus on college rape prevention programs.

"What's Being Taught In College Rape Prevention Programs?" starts off:
Asking men to visualize being raped is a graphic way to prove a point-but is it an effective strategy to prevent assault? College campuses around the country are beginning to adopt prevention programs and a new article examines their tactics.

On Sunday, the Chronicle of Higher Education published a piece exploring the struggles of colleges trying to measure the effectiveness of programs designed to reduce rape and sexual assault. These programs have shifted the focus from women to men - and have stepped up the idea that men can assist in preventing third party assaults...(read more)
We encourage everyone to check out our college program, Campus Strength, which has over 45 schools as chapters or affiliates. Some of our partners include DOJ Office on Violence Against Women, HHS Office of Women’s Health; Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN); Students Active for Ending Rape (SAFER); and Greeks Against Sexual Assault. Our members examine and challenge masculinity as it relates to themselves and society, rejecting harmful aspects of traditional masculinity in favor of individual masculinities that affirm their unique realities and experiences. This positions them to create healthier, safer, and ultimately happier lives for themselves and the men and women they care about...

Check out some of the work our chapter at Georgetown University, Men Creating Change, has done on campus. Share


  1. Anonymous5:05 PM

    The best way to stop rape is by linking with men around the world and learning to build up a strong male culture. Men lack resources and support. Feminists have too many resources and too many rules bent in their favor. Young men have nothing to look forward to.. let's change that.

  2. This programs sounds quite interesting. Thanks for sharing this information with us.


    Toronto college student

  3. Anonymous1:55 AM

    "Too many rules bent in their favor." Thanks for the laugh and the lack of perspective, you poor thing.

  4. Anonymous9:10 PM

    Anon 5:05 pm: You perceive a lack of strong male cultures? Where?

    Here's a quick global breakdown for you:
    Property owned by women 1%
    Working hours performed by women 66%
    Food produced by women 50%
    Income received by women 10%

    1% of property.
    10% of income.
    Yet you see the world as being bent in women's favor due to feminism? And you further suggest that rape would go away if not for this "advantage" that women have? (scoff.) And that rape is the inevitable result of men "having nothing to look forward to"... That's rape justification and rape apology.
    That's a typical threat feminists have to deal with. "Stop fighting for rights, stop insisting you're entitled to equality, or we will rape you."

    Well, it's all tripe.
    Rape has been a heinous and far too common attack on women for thousands of years. WELL before feminism ever became a movement.

    Removing the tiny gains achieved by women's liberation will do nothing to decrease rape, and throwing more money at privileged men already buffered by a culture that caters first and foremost TO them does nothing for equality, and laughably (and horrifically, and stupidly) alleges that the status quo of a world where 10% and 1% of income and property belong to women is a crisis for men and boys. Will you be more comfortable if women break their backs for 5%?