Wednesday, November 18, 2009

MCSR in NY Times: NFL Star Larry Johnson "Needs to Be Held Accountable"

Men Can Stop Rape is featured in a New York Times column that focuses on troubled running back Larry Johnson and his recent signing to the Cincinnati Bengals.

Johnson has been in and out of the news for assaulting four women and more recently for posting homophobic slurs on Twitter.

"In Johnson's Signing, Talent Prevails," MCSR's VP of Programs Neil Irvin speaks about the important of holding Johnson accountable for his actions.

Kudos to columnist (and frequent ESPN The Sports Reporters guest) William C. Rhoden for focusing on men's accountability for violence against women. Check out a snippet below:

"In Johnson's Signing, Talent Prevails"

Neil Irvin has carefully monitored Larry Johnson's movement, from the time rumors began that he would sign with the Cincinnati Bengals until Tuesday, when the Bengals announced that they had signed Johnson, the problematic running back. 

Irvin is a football fan, but his interest in Johnson was professional. He is the vice president of programs for Men Can Stop Rape, based in Washington, where for nearly 10 years he has put in place programs for young men and college athletes designed to stop domestic violence and violence against women by stressing prevention.

..."If you absolutely believe this is the person for your franchise," Irvin said, "you should have a clear expectation that there is a zero tolerance for any kind of bad behavior..." 

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  1. It's sad, but if you are talented enough people are willing to overlook a lot of shortcomings, even illegal and immoral behavior.