Monday, November 02, 2009

where is your line? > where the men at?

Men Can Stop Rape, Inc. is mentioned in a post by The Line about the gang rape in Richmond, CA

Love this photo from the Pace Screening a few weeks ago, and it seems particularly relevant in light of last weekend’s gang rape in Richmond California, where bystanders actually became perpetrators. They laughed, joked, took photographs and joined in. A very strong piece, “On Rape and Men” expresses the writer’s rage as a man, and demands that we approach gender violence as a men’s issue. Unfortunately, some of the reader comments suggested instead that women arm themselves with guns, or that we all collectively turn back to religion! On Facebook, Men Can Stop Rape linked to CNN’s article about bystander behavior, and these three comments were particularly interesting:

Not surprising that in the article they don’t delve into rape culture or male violence against women. Just ‘people’ who stand by and watch ‘people’ hurt ‘people’. (I know there was one example of male-male violence w/ the honor student’s killing.) I think there are deeper issues at play here regarding our society’s treatment of women and acceptance…

J says: I think a major part of the problem is America’s cultural repression of most of men’s full range of emotion/feelings, which leads to homophobia, isolation, competition, and anger. The constricted “relationship” many men end up having with women (as a result of this repression) lead to this violence.

D responds: J is typically making excuses and pointing at some external source (not the men themselves), as being the cause of their stupidity. J honey, men rape women because they want to. There is no other reason. They want to because they feel entitled to women’s bodies, to rule women’s thoughts, to be superior to women, for women to be submissive

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